Your Support

With your donations you will bring the very necessary financial support to the members of our translation teams. Please let us know which translation project you would like to support and which text you would like to see translated first.

There are three levels of sponsorship. With US $ 160, you sponsor the translation of one page of a Tibetan text. This includes salaries for the monastic scholars, the translators, and the editors, as well as a percentage for the Chödung Karmo translation department. It involves all the stages of the translation process from the initial study of the text and related material, academic research, up to the translation and editorial work.

1) Become a PATRON and sponsor the translation of an entire text.
2) Become a SPONSOR and donate for any number of pages to be translated.
3) Become a SUPPORTER and donate any amount of money for the Chödung Karmo translation projects.

To get involved, visit write to

Donations for Chödung Karmo can be made by bank transfer to:
Bank Name : Nepal Investment Bank Ltd., PO Box 3412, Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Account Name: N. Jorden and A.K. Gurung
Account Number :  02405090251082
Swift Code : NIBLNPKT

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