A Sakya Digital Library – collection of Tibetan texts collected by Khenchen Appey Rinpoche
TBRC – Tibetan Buddhist Resource Centre (search texts, places, names)
Asian Classics (input project-Tengyur/Kangyur/Sungbum)
Digital Sanskrit Buddhist Canon
Ancient Buddhist Texts (Pali/Skt)
Indica et Buddhica (Richard Mahoney, Skt. texts and research)
GRETIL – Göttingen Register of Electronic Texts in Indian Languages
Lotsawa House
some Tibetan texts
Dharmadownload (Tibetan texts)
Padma Karpo Translation Committee (Tony Duff; free texts)
Pali Canon
Pali Canon (accesstoinsight)
Pali Kanon (German)
Centre for Tantric Studies (Prof. Isaacson)
Sastravid (Westerhoff)
Translation Projects:
84000 (formerly BLHP)
Tibetan Classics (Thubten Jinpa)
Translation Resources:
Links to various Translation resources
Articles on translation/translation theory
Lotsawa School:
Berzin: translation methodology (transcript)
Resource for translation (FPMT)
Sgra sbyor bam po gnyis pa: Sanskrit-Tibetan Buddhist Thesaurus with search function linked to many texts (Jens Braarvig)
Text concordancer (searchable text corpea to find the usage of words in context)
Buddhist/Tibetan Studies Resources:
Bodhisvara: Resounding Sanskrit Buddhist Literature, Recordings of the Buddha’s Heritage
Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages
Resources for Kanjur & Tanjur Studies (University of Vienna)
Buddhist Canons Bibliographic Database (American Institute of Buddhist Studies & Columbia University)
Catalogue of Derge Kangyur and Tengyur (Tohoku numbering)
Resources for East Asian Language and Thought (Charles Muller)
Tibetan & Himalayan Library (University Virginia)
Resources for Indological Scholarship (links to etexts)
Sakya Resource Centre
Digital Dictionary of Buddhism (username: guest; password: [blank])
Dharma Dictionary (RangjungYeshe/Tsadra)
Treasury of Lives (biographies)
Classical Tibetan Knowledge (Archive and Multimedia Studies)
EAST (Epistemology and Argumentation in South Asia and Tibet)
Sastravid (Westerhoff)
Online Sanskrit Dictionaries:
Monier Williams and others
Journals (downloadable):
Acta Orientalia
Buddhist Forum
Buddhist Studies Reviews (vol 1-22)
Buddhist Studies Reviews (recent reviews)
Bulletin of Tibetology
Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies
Journal of Buddhist Ethics
Journal of Global Buddhism
JIATS – Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies
JIABS – Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies
Journal of the International College for Advanced Buddhist Studies (mostly Japanese)
Journal of the Tibet Society
Pali Buddhist Review
Revue d’Études Tibétaines (mostly French)
Tibet Journal
List of Journals of Himalayan Studies
JSTOR: access to many journals on Tibetan/Buddhist Studies (on subscription)

Digital Resources for Buddhist Studies blog
Tsadra Foundation
Dan Martin (other site)
Early Tibet (van Schaik)
Reading Tibetan Manuscripts (van Schaik)
Birgit Kellner
Jörg Heimbel
Stéphane Arguillère (french)
The Translation of Buddhism in Tibet (Halkias & Raine)
Tibetan Philologial Musings (Dorje Wangchuk)
Notes on Buddhist Philosophy and “isms” (Dorje Wangchuk)

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