INTRODUCTIONS SERIES VOL 2: Fundamentals of Buddhist Thought

Who am I?  Understanding the Self, Karma, Rebirth and Dependent Arising

Christian Bernert

This volume introduces some principles fundamental for an understanding of the path and practice laid out by the Buddha: the skandhas, karma, rebirth and dependent arising. These concepts are explained in the most elaborate and systematic way in the Abhidharma teachings, one of the three collections forming the Buddhist canon. They form what can be called the “Buddhist world view,” an understanding of which is important in order to effectively follow the path of liberation from suffering taught by the Buddha.  



1. Introductory Remarks
2. The Basics of Buddhism: the Four Noble Truths and the Quest for Wisdom
3. Who Am I? Understanding the Individual
The Self and the Five Skandhas
The Three Marks of Existence
Karma, Actions and Their Effects
4. Where Does It All Come From? Dependent Arising
Inner Dependent Arising: the Twelve Links
Outer Dependent Arising: the Wisdom of Emptiness

Appendix 1: From Abhidharma to Yogācāra: An Overview of the Branches of Buddhist Thought
Appendix 2: The Fifty-One Mental Factors
Appendix 3: The Ten Unwholesome Actions and Their Opposites

This volume is for free distribution and free download (click here).

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