A brief introduction to Buddhism and the Sakya tradition

Christian Bernert

Intro booklet cover - Copy

This booklet is the first of what we hope will become a small series of introductory volumes on Buddhism in thought and practice. This volume was prepared by Christian Bernert, a member of the Chödung Karmo Translation Group, and is meant for interested newcomers with little or no background knowledge about Buddhism. It provides important information on the life of Buddha Shakyamuni, the founder of our tradition, and his teachings, and introduces the reader to the world of Tibetan Buddhism and the Sakya tradition in particular. It also includes the translation of two short yet profound texts on mind training characteristic of this school.


1. Why Buddhism?
2. Buddhism 101
2.1. The basics of Buddhism
2.2. The Buddha, the Awakened One
2.3. His teaching: the Four Noble Truths
3. Tibetan Buddhism: compassion and skillful means
4. The Sakya tradition
4.1. A brief history
4.2. The teachings of the Sakya school
5. Appendices
5.1. A brief overview of different paths to awakening
5.2. Two short texts on Mahayana Mind Training
5.3. A mini-glossary of important terms
5.4. Some reference books

This volume is for free distribution and free download.

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